Cargo Leaders in Civitavecchia Port
since 1945

We have the solution to all your shipment and cargo handling needs

Traiana Srl is a port company, duly authorized under Article 16 Law 84/94, operating within its own terminal in the Port of Civitavecchia. Over 50.000 square metres area is available for loading, unloading, storage and handling of a broad range of dry bulk, project, heavy lift, general cargoes, in addiction to container station and depot services. The company has a customs clearance department manned with licensed customs brokers, well experienced and qualified for carrying out any kind of import and export operation.

The terminal is provided with railway access and has 2 covered storage warehouses of 4.500 square metres. mobile cranes (lifting capacity up to 120 tons), several forklifts (from 30 to 40 ton capacity fully equipped with forks, rostrums, spreaders etc.) and ecological hoppers for handling dusty bulk cargoes, are available.

Stevedoring Company Traiana, thanks to its technical equipment and the experience and expertise of its staff, is able to meet all your needs.

  • Traiana Srl was founded in 1945 and has since been a leader in loading, unloading, shipments and customs. The company also boasts a solid partnership with ThyssenKrup Acciai Speciali Terni to handle bulk packages of steel products.

  • Since 2005 Traiana has acquired the Quality Management System certification in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Since 2013 the company has had a management system in accordance with the Safety and Health of Workers, certified under the OHSAS 18001 norm.

About Us

Traiana has been an industry leader in crate imports and exports from Civitavecchia port for over 70 years.

TRAIANA Srl, Stevedoring Company - Forwarding Agents - Customs Brokers, was established in 1945 by a joint action of some entrepreneurs already operating in the Port of Civitavecchia.
Alberto La Rosa, Pietro Verrieri, Gioacchino Laurenti, Giuseppe Barraco, Antonio Zannotti, were the founding members.

Over the years, the Company has grown up its business according to a main "multipurpose" policy, handling any type of cargo such as woodpulp, frozen products, fruit and vegetables.
From the very beginning the Company operated as a terminal for the import / export of steel products of Terni plant, which is still its main client.
Following the entry into force of the Law 84/94, Traiana Srl acquired the status of Port Company under Article 16 of the said Law.
At the time of the expansion of the Port, in the year 2000, Traiana Srl was the first Company to see the good potential of its development and it got a State concession of about 25.000 square metres just on the new quay n. 23, with the main purpose of storing and handling steel products.
Two functional large warehouses were built on this area.

Over the next decade an evolutionary process was developed, leading to triple its tonnage, turnover and number of employees.
Furthermore, suitable equipment and facilities were also acquired in order to enable full handling operation for any type of goods. In particular, in addition to the aforementioned steel products, the Company has specialized in handling, loading and unloading of heavy machinery (Project Cargo).
In 2010, the State concession was renewed until 31\10\2030 and extended to over 30.000 square metres.

In 2012 the “Gestione Terminals Civitavecchia s.r.l.” (Civitavecchia Terminals Management Ltd.), of which Traiana is the majority shareholder, was established by the main Port Companies of Civitavecchia, and it implemented the acquisition of the Port Authority cranes fleet.
This was the final step towards the full functional autonomy of the Company.

In December 2019, Traiana obtained the release of the additional concession pursuant to art.18 of Law 84/94, the extension of the surface to about 50.000 square meters and the exclusive use of dock 23

The competence and professionalism of the staff, the important outfit of the resources and infrastructures, the availability of working and storage areas, the continuous investment in R&D, have attracted the interest of large international groups, such as "Thyssen Krupp" (steel producers and dealers) and others.
Currently Traiana is clearly the main Company in the Port of Civitavecchia.



Packaged goods
Project Cargo




  • We handle all services and operations related to loading and unloading, from design and implementation on the boarding floor to the final operations of lashing and dunnage in the cargo hold, as well as the unstowing of storage and warehousing in our terminal and reloading of trucks and rail cars.

  • We handle containerization and de-containerization safely and fast for all types of goods.

  • We have offices specifically dedicated to the loading and unloading of ships with cabotage to and from Europe.

  • Our office is equipped with a staff of custom brokers who are all able to ensure all custom operations even at short notice, and in line with the evolution of AIDA e-customs information technology.





1 Warehouse | 50x40x6.60 | mq. 2.000
1 Warehouse | 65x35x6.60 | mq. 2.275

Area covered in asphalt and concrete of about 45.000 mq. with railway connection.


1 Forklift - Max. capacity: 37 tons
3 Handling - Max. capacity: 32 tons
1 Forklift - Max. capacity: 16 tons
2 Forklift - Max. capacity: 3 tons

2 "bobcat" type loaders
2 mechanical shovels - Max. capacity: 10 tons
1 tracked excavator starting at 245 tons

1 Loader Solmec 500
1 port tractor - Max capacity: 120 tons
"Goose Neck" rolltrailer attachments
2 Rolltrailers - Max capacity: 110 tons
2 Mobile systems for dust suppression
with water spray






Traiana management in line with its core principles have committed to implementing and maintaining continual improvements to the Business Management System certified in accordance with standards of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management).

In accordance with principles expressed in the Legislative Decree 231 of June 8, 2001, Traiana has also adopted an organizational model, management and control and has appointed a body to the task of supervising the functioning and observance of the organizatinal model and its continual updates.

Traiana is commited to quality and was founded on the pursuit of goals such as:

  • Ensuring the target markets receives the expected quality and services
  • Establishing an organization superiority with professional attention to the needs and expectations of customers
  • Cultivating lasting relationships and partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Monitoring regulations and applicable legislation related to its activities
  • Ensuring the safety and hygiene of the work environment
  • Increasing the culture of innovation and improvement of services provided s that they become an key asset of the company with continual efficiency health checks
  • Empowering, engaging and training staff for an effective implementation of a quality management system
  • Defining performance targets to be monitored over time using numeric indicators
  • Preventing non-conformity during the labor process
  • Managing a system based on corrective action and preventative measures to pursue improvement
Reviewing the adequacy of the Quality Policy of management which also establishes measurable values for objectives set aboveL’adeguatezza della Politica della Qualità viene riesaminata periodicamente dalla direzione che definisce altresì valori misurabili per gli obiettivi sopra esposti.



Traiana Srl

Registered office
Largo Plebiscito, 4
00053 - Civitavecchia (RM)

Tel.:  (+39) 0766 23044 - (PBX)
Fax:  (+39) 0766 23134

Office Port/Port Operations
Terminal N.23

Tel.:  (+39) 0766 366541 - 542
Fax:  (+39) 0766 366543
Curzio Verrieri

General Management/Sales
Ugo La Rosa / David La Rosa

Technical Area
Alberto La Rosa

Customs Area
Container Traffic Area
Giovanni La Rosa / F. Beniamino La Rosa

Cabotage Area
Gianluca Salerni

Administration Area
Alessio Mezzani - Natalia La Rosa

Steamship & Forwarding Agency

Largo Plebiscito, 4
00053 - Civitavecchia (RM)

Tel.:  (+39) 0766 23044 - (PBX)
Fax:  (+39) 0766 23134

Agenzia Marittima Alberto La Rosa Srl

The Agenzia Marittima Alberto La Rosa Srl has operated in the port of Civitavecchia for over 60 years and has gained itself significant representation in the liner sector, Tramp ships, ro/ro , containers and passenger ships.

In recent years, through construction, expansion and the strong development of new port facilities our agency has specialized in the assistance of machinery and dredging.